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Islam en slavernij

Mit dem Islam begann die organisierte Sklaverei und Vergewaltigung. Der schlimmste und am längsten anhaltende Sklavenhandel der Weltgeschichte hat einen Namen: Islam

Der Islam und die Weltgeschichte der Sklaverei
Seit dem Mittelalter versklavten islamische Eroberer und islamische Staaten über 50 Millionen Afrikaner. Der Sklavenhandel durch Muslime besteht bis in die Gegenwart (Sudan) und geht auf den Koran zurück. Diese Tatsachen werden sowohl von Menschenrechts-Organisationen als auch von westlichen Medien weitestgehend ausgeblendet.

Islam, Sklaverei und Vergewaltigung

I am a muslim slave:
Sexual slavery is considered an act of charity.
Abuse and torture is a "God-given right" for Arabs.
Supremacy and racism is honored in Saudi Arabia.
Prayer and sex is expected five times a day.

Saudi princes are the high end buyers in the US child sex slave market and demand the best product. How does the US sex slave trade operate?

It is well known among indian and phillipine and indonesian slave traders that demands rise up high at the end of Ramadan. So girls are bought and selected well before demands start in saudie and the emirates

It was reported widely that about forty bodies of house maids are brought back monthly from the Middle East to the Katunayake Air Port.

Islam, the religion of slavery

Modern-Day Slave Trade in Kuwaiti Papers
Below is an article that appeared in the Kuwaiti daily al-Qabas last month about the abuses domestic workers in the Kingdom suffer and the “slave trade” of domestic workers from one sponsor to another or from recruitment agencies to Kuwaitis. We present the English translation of this unique article, whose criticism of the exploitation of migrant workers is quite rare in Kuwaiti (and other Gulf) newspapers.

Islamic views on slavery

Slavernij is volgens islam oke

Islam’s European slave trade by Muslim Turks (eg Ottoman) and Tartars: Part G in Islam’s genocidal slavery.

East London Mosque hosts speaker who has 'called for Jewish women to be enslaved and pillaged' (The Telegraphe)http://blogs.telegraph.co.uk/news/andrewgilligan/100122775/east-london-mosque-hosts-speaker-who-has-called-for-jewish-women-to-be-enslaved-and-pillaged/

Homo slaven in het Midden-Oosten

In 2007 the US State Department’s Annual Trafficking in Persons Report pushed Oman down to Tier 3, the lowest rating on the human trafficking index.

Nieuwe vondst onthult de rol van Zweden in de Ottomaanse handel in seksslaven

The islamic slave trade
docu, loopt vanzelf door

islamic genocide and slavery in South-Sudan

Slaven van de islam: De versluierde volkerenmoord van de arabieren
Krijgsgevangen (vrouwen) mogen als seksslavinnen gehouden worden (Koeweit)

Seksslavinnen zijn toegestaan voor moslims (Londen)

Egypt's first "sex-slave"...

What is being dubbed as Egypt's "first sex-slave marriage" took place mere days after the Muslim Brotherhood's Muhammad Morsi was made president.

Last Monday, on the Egyptian TV show Al Haqiqa ("the Truth"), journalist Wael al-Ibrashi began the program by airing a video-clip of a man, Abd al-Rauf Awn, "marrying" his "slave." Before making the woman, who had a non-Egyptian accent, repeat the Koran's Surat al-Ikhlas after him, instead of saying the customary "I marry myself to you," the woman said "I enslave myself to you," and kissed him in front of an applauding audience.

Then, even though she was wearing a hijab, her owner-husband declared her forbidden from such trappings, commanding her to be stripped of them, so as "not to break Allah's laws." She took her veil and abaya off, revealing, certainly by Muslim standards, a promiscuous red dress (all the other women present were veiled). The man claps for her as the video-clip (which can be viewed here) ends.

The owner-husband, Abd al-Rauf Awn, then appeared on the show, identifying himself as an Islamic scholar and expert at Islamic jurisprudence who studied at Al Azhar. He gave several Islamic explanations to justify his "marriage," from Islamic prophet Muhammad's "sunna" or practice of "marrying" enslaved captive women, to Koran 4:3, which commands Muslim men to "Marry such women as seem good to you, two and three and four… or what your right hands possess."

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Mauretania; young man escapes slavery

Muslim reparations for black slavery

Slavernij in Mauretanië

Saudi offers castrated slave on facebook

De islam is een ideologie van slavenhouders
De islam is een ideologie van slavenhouders.

Military Slaves: A Uniquely Muslim Phenomenon, by Daniel Pipes

VIDEO: islamitische slavenmarkt, een verslag uit de jaren-60


By the way, there are 600,000 virtual slaves in the Middle East 

“Slavery is a part of Islam. Slavery is part of jihad, and jihad will remain as long there is Islam.”

HISTORIE: Tot slaaf maken en islamisering van Armeense weeskinderen

Kenyan Woman Kept as Domestic Slave for Months by Saudi Diplomats…in Virginia

Islamist Calls for Slavery's Legalization

Slavery Still Exist In Africa - The Origins of the African Slave Trade

Blanke slaven, het politiekcorrecte taboe!, Contradicere, Ariël Bruéns, 17-9-08

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