dinsdag 24 januari 2012


CBN-Norway and islam

Noorwegen 16.000 verkrachtingen per jaar

Alle verkrachters in Oslo zijn niet-westerse allochtonen

Norway on its way to being 'Judenrein'

The following article is a free translation of an article that appeared in the German news site Kopp Online My comments follow.
Norway is  expected to be ”Judenrein” ( free of Jews) in a few weeks.  The last 819 Jews remaining  in Norway currently are expected to leave soon because of the growing anti-Semitism in Norway.This will make Norway the first European nation that has no Jews living in it. The same trend is found in  other European countries of a dropping Jewish population.
lees verder http://globetribune.info/2012/08/05/norway-on-its-way-to-being-judenrein/

Islamists demand an islamic state in Gronland, Oslo

Noorwegen paradijs voor verkrachters en criminelen

Norway: Every person having a job contributed with 3,700 euros to non-Western immigrants during the last 7 years. Net expences in public benefits alone for the 246,000 immigrants who arrived since 2005: 50 billion euros!