dinsdag 4 december 2012

FROM ALGERIA: A dire warning to the West about Islamization

via http://www.barenakedislam.com/2012/12/03/from-algeria-a-dire-warning-to-the-west-about-islamization/

This is a chilling essay written by a Kabyle, one of the indigenous peoples of Algeria who were subjugated by Muslims. The author compares his own people’s historical experience of being slowly Islamized to what is happening today in contemporary Europe, especially France, where street prayer and burqas are officially banned, but no one enforces it.

Islam vs Europe When I was a teenager I thought that my ancestors were idiots, useless imbeciles for having accepted this miserable religion 15 centuries ago. I was ashamed of my people of origin. I forgot that they had simply been beaten in war and submitted to their conquerors who hurried to rewrite their history. 


That twisted history that I learned myself at school and had to unlearn on my own, through effort and perseverance. Looking at France, Belgium, Germany, England, Spain and lots of other countries too, I realize that even people who have been warned can be islamized by stealth, by small innocent touches. In truth, it’s their political, cultural and economic environment that is being islamised under the attacks of new unassimilable North African populations. 


Het is niet netjes een artikel in zijn geheel te jatten dus ik verzoek u hier verder te lezen. Het is een beklemmend en beangstigend verhaal en laat zien hoe ver de islamisering al doorgeschoten is en hoe die onstopbaar verder zal gaan.


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