maandag 26 november 2012

Muslim rapes of non-Muslim girls an epidemic

To the right you will see an image of an infidel candidate for Muslim rape. Her face is exposed! Her hair is uncovered as well as her arms and neck! She strikes a provocative pose! How can any self-respecting Muslim male refrain from raping her if the opportunity presents itself? Her t-shirt ridicules Islam so she must be murdered after being raped. All in the name of Islam. Allah be praised!

In my previous post, Leah McLaren basically declared that the blogosphere was irrelevant. The following will show that because of their timidity and political correctness, the major news media can no longer be relied upon to broadcast news. Especially news of a vital and critical nature: The Muslim rape of non-Muslim women.

Just as in the US when our papers refused to republish the Danish cartoons for fear of offending Muslim "sensibilities", so too has most of the world press refused to print the ethnic identities of Muslims when they attack non-Muslim women who "asked for it" by not wearing scarves:

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