zondag 1 januari 2012


2011: laatste kans op zinloos verbaal geweld

Amerika nu ook officieel een dictatoriale politiestaat

Under the National Operations Center (NOC)’s Media Monitoring Initiative that emerged from the Department of Homeland Security in November, Washington has written permission to collect and retain personal information from journalists, news anchors, reporters or anyone who uses “traditional and/or social media in real time to keep their audience situationally aware and informed.”
According to DHS, the definition of personal identifiable information can consist of any intellect “that permits the identity of an individual to be directly or indirectly inferred, including any information which is linked or linkable to that individual.”

Duitsland probeert kritiek op islam het zwijgen op te leggen

Ook Ulfkotte in staat van beschuldiging gesteld

To criminalize free speech

Germany attempts to silence criticism on islam

Indonesian arrested for denying the existence of a god

5 jaar zelfcensuur (de pers)

Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff
and she pays the fine

In praise of Irshad Manji: Courageous Muslim reformer who won’t be published at ‘Comment is Free’http://cifwatch.com/2012/01/24/in-praise-of-irshad-manji-the-story-of-a-courageous-muslim-reformer-the-guardian-will-never-report/
eerste link gaat naar dit stuk in the guardian:
We need an inquiry into anti-Islam press
Over the past decade, a number of academic studies have indicated a worrying and disproportionate trend towards negative, distorted and even fabricated reports in media coverage of the Muslim community. Recent research at Cambridge University concludes that "a wider set of representations of Islam would signify a welcome change to reporting practices. Muslims deserve a better press than they have been given in the past decade." And according to a recent ComRes poll, one in three people in Britain today believe that the media is responsible for "whipping up a climate of fear of Islam in the UK".

Salman Rushdie
Salman Rushdie vreest nog altijd moord en zegt belangrijk festival af.
“Ik ben geïnformeerd door veiligheidsdiensten in Maharashtra en Rajastan dat huurmoordenaars uit de onderwereld van Mumbai op weg naar Jaipur kunnen zijn om mij te ‘elimineren’.
Islamist stops university debate with threats of violence

A World-Wide Ban on Criticism of Islam?

Duitse deelstaat wil spotprenten islam weren 

Creeping Sharia banned

The second circumstance is that the United Nations soon will be considering – again – a plan repeatedly proposed by Muslims that is called an “anti-blasphemy” effort. The original version was proposed to protect Islam from any criticism worldwide, but later expanded ostensibly to protect other religions as well.

The plan, if ultimately adopted, could put additional teeth in Muslim and communist nations’ efforts to attack Christians within their borders. There could even be attempts to apply its regulations inside the U.S.

Arab league, OIC, and European Union working on international law to ban offending islam

Facebook verwijdert islamkritiek

VN hoge commissaris voor de mensenrechten vraagt om beperking van de vrijheid van meningsuiting
Percentage moslims in Europa 
EenVandaag zwicht voor islamdreiging

My statement resulted in a legal injunction, a kind of professional punishment, which stated, that if I ever repeat this, I could be fired. According to the Copenhagen authorities it is apparently permitted to state that the serious problems among Muslims are caused by poverty, the media, the police, the Danes, politicians, etc. But two things are definitely not allowed: 1) discussing the significance of culture and 2) our foreigners own responsibility for their integration in our societies.
Danish Psychologist: “Integration of Muslims in Western Societies is not possible”, Nicolai Sennels, 31-03-2009