zondag 27 januari 2013

Graphic: Out of Africa – Did the Colonial Powers ever Really Leave?

Africa may have achieved independence, but the old colonial ties are still important as France’s decision to send troops to Mali to fight Islamist extremists shows. The old colonial powers in Africa may no longer be the rulers, but they still exert influence and have strong economic and political links. David McDonald, professor of the Global Development Studies at Queen’s University, says, “The French and the English were much more strategic in terms of recognizing that they wanted to maintain neo-colonial linkages with their former colonies. So it was shedding the direct authoritarian power at the barrel of a gun and replacing that with independence, but an independence that was, and is still to some extent, extremely dependent on the political and economic will of the former colonial masters.”

klikbare kaart via nationalpost geeft de mogelijkheid per land en grondstof de relatie tussen ex-kolonisator en gekoloniseerde te bekijken.

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