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Labour vernietigt Engeland met opzet

Labour vernietigt Engeland met opzet
En natuurlijk niet alleen Labour in Engeland. De PVVDA doet hier hetzelfde en Sarazzin zei al dat Duitsland zichzelf ook afschaft. Waarom? Stemvee, de macht? Goedkoop werkvolk zal de reden niet zijn, want per saldo kost een moslim meer dan die oplevert. In Frankrijk gebeurt hetzelfde. 90% van de Franse moslims stemde op Hollande en daar die met een zeer minieme meerderheid werd verkozen, is het terecht te stellen dat die zonder de geïmporteerden niet aan de macht was gekomen.

In 2009 it was revealed that the ruling Labour Party had purposefully flooded Britain with several million immigrants, without consulting its citizens, in order to socially engineer a “truly Multicultural” country.

The huge increases in migrants over the previous decade were partly due to a politically motivated attempt to radically change the country and to “rub the Right’s nose in diversity,” according to Andrew Neather, a former adviser to Prime Minister Tony Blair. He said mass immigration was the result of a deliberate plan, but ministers were reluctant to discuss this for fear that it would alienate the party’s “core working class vote.”

Lord Glasman — a personal friend of the Labour Party leader — in 2011 stated that “Labour lied to people about the extent of immigration… and there’s been a massive rupture of trust.” He admitted that the Labour Party had sometimes been actively hostile to the white natives. In particular, they tended to view white working-class voters as “an obstacle to progress.”

To my knowledge, these shocking revelations of a Western government virtually launching a full-front attack to crush its own people have so far not caused a single word of protest from political leaders or mass media in any other Western country, although these acts could be construed as a policy of state-sponsored ethnic cleansing targeting the white majority population.
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