woensdag 5 september 2012

The Muslim Brotherhood

Gaan we weer. Nog meer moslimbroederschap info. Gesprekken met onder andere vooraanstaande moslimbroeders, de huidige leider, maar ook tegenstanders inclusief de broer van de oprichter Hassan Al Banna.

This is a documentary aired on Norwegian Television, Nov, 2010 (English subtitles).
Is Islam a threat to the western world and our way of living and is it the goal of Islam to take over the world and make us all slaves of the islamic cult?

You better see this video and not just wake up, but actively protest what's going on right now! Our governments let it happen because we depend on their oil. We are in a 'hidden' war with Islam and the Muslim Brotherhood. For the sake of your children, make it stop, or your granddaughter might be stoned!!

Watch it, and judge for yourself! A very revealing movie every westerner HAVE to see! Before it's too late...

dossier moslimbroederschap

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