maandag 14 oktober 2013

Countering The Jihad

1) Recognition that the presence of large numbers of Muslims is a security threat and one which Infidels need not inflict on themselves

2) Recognition that the oil wealth that has provided Arab and Muslim OPEC members with nearly $10 trillion in undeserved revenues since 1973 is what finances the world-wide Jihad.

3) Diminishing the oil wealth is not enough. All Infidel aid to Muslim countries, all transfers of wealth that have been based on a misunderstanding, and the belief that “Poverty” is the problem or at least, if Muslims are made richer (ideally, just like Muslims in Saudi Arabia) they will calm down, and turn to other things – all this must stop.

4) Make it impossible for the Arabs and Muslims to acquire major weaponry.

5) Let the rich Arabs and Muslims know that their property in the West is not permanently safe, and that it may be seized.

6) Counter-Jihad

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