woensdag 22 augustus 2012


Meestal gooi ik de gevonden artikelen na ze gelezen te hebben rechtstreeks in mijn archief, de dossiers in de rechterzijbalk. Die krijgt u over het algemeen dus niet onder ogen, tenzij u er specifiek naar op zoek bent. Soms zet ik echter een stukje op de voorpagina alvorens het op te ruimen. Vandaag kwam ik twee stukken tegen over de broeders. Het eerste is een pdf en gaat over de moslimbroederschap in Nederland en het tweede gaat over de moslimbroederschap in Europa:

The influence of the muslimbrotherhood in the Netherlands 


The AIVD states that “the representatives of the radical dawa have become more insistent in their claims that they represent and speak on behalf of the Islamic communities in the West. In their contacts with the government, mainstream organisations, and others, they argue that they represent pure Islam. And sometimes even that they speak for all the Muslims in the country.”98 The same can be said in general for the Muslim Brotherhood fronts in the West, they avoid the use of the term Muslim Brotherhood. Often they claim to speak for the whole Muslim minority in their respective countries. As their front men are highly educated and studied in European countries, they are welcome partners for government leaders who are in need of contacts within the Muslim communities. It is difficult to prove that there is a national chapter of the Muslim Brotherhood in the Netherlands. However, it is evident that the organizations and persons mentioned in this report are remarkably close to the ideology propagated by the Muslim Brotherhood.
Lees verder http://welketoekomst.files.wordpress.com/2012/08/muslim_brotherhood_in_the_netherlands.pdf

The muslimbrotherhood in Europe

This study updates and supplements the ITIC’s June 2011 study of the Muslim Brotherhood. It examines the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt and other Arab countries in the wake of the past year’s regional uprisings. It deals with the nature of the movement in each country, its relations with the various regimes and evaluates its chances of exploiting regional unrest to its own ends. It also examines the Muslim Brotherhood’s branches in Western European countries and the implications of its activity for both internal European affairs and the Palestinian-Israeli conflict.
Lees verder  http://www.crethiplethi.com/the-muslim-brotherhood-in-europe/global-islam/2012/ 

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