zondag 28 oktober 2012

Gedeeltes uit een interview met Oskar Freysinger

Gedeeltes uit een interview met Oskar Freysinger (vice-president of the Swiss People's Party):

Our party fights for independence, neutrality and sovereignty of Switzerland. Equally, we stand for the controlled immigration policy, 

Dat klinkt goed dacht ik.

The EU is a structure imposed on the nations by technocrats from above

that bureaucratic antidemocratic and centralist monster.

it would put an end to direct democracy  

Hij begrijpt het.

Developments going on in the Balkans, especially creation of the first Muslim state on the European earth is a catastrophe.


In Islam morale is based on the law, whereas according to our juridical interpretations, it's quite the opposite - the law is based on morale.


It’s time for the legal state to confine Islam’s religious dogmas within the appropriate framework.  


What is much more dangerous it’s a creeping Islamization, accomplished by the fundamentalists financed by Saudi Arabia. Saudis spend up to 20 billions dollars per year on the construction of mosques and Islamic centers all over the world. 

Lees hier het hele interview

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